Amazon Halts Construction In Connecticut After More Nooses Were Found


WINDSOR, Conn. – Amazon is temporarily halting construction work on a Connecticut location after several nooses were discovered at the site in the last few weeks.

An Amazon spokesperson stated the company was “deeply concerned” about the situation in Windsor, Connecticut, and ordered the site closed until the necessary security measures are taken.

“There is no place for hate, racism, or discrimination in our society, and this is certainly unacceptable in any Amazon workplace – whether in a similar building or on a site that we are working on, ”, the spokesperson said in a statement.

Windsor Police Chief Donald Melanson said the rope, which could be interpreted as a noose, was first placed inside a beam of suspension in place Wednesday afternoon. Public officials said that nobody was around when the rope was found.

The incident transpired on the 4th floor of the construction site. Melanson said he was “kicked out with the intention of intervening”.

Police said the site may have been visited by hundreds of workers from various companies.

So last month, seven noose-shaped ropes were discovered on the Windsor site.

The rope has been sent to a government lab for testing and officials are investigating.

“We are committed to working with the Windsor District Police Service, as well as our development partners, to bring those responsible to justice and make all members of our community feel at home. They have been appreciated, respected, and found safe”, added the spokesperson.

Melancon said many officers have been in daily contact with contractors and ensuring the security of the construction site since the first incident was reported on April 27. The site was closed and fenced, and the sheriff said officials believed the accident happened while contractors were not working.

The company said Thursday it would increase its reward to $50,000. With funds provided by site contractors and project developers, the total compensation is now $ 100,000.

Amazon and RC Anderson, an entrepreneur, spoke out against the site’s anti-racist code and worked with the city and the NAACP CT.

“The New Haven FBI is providing resources and support to the Windsor Police Department for this ongoing investigation … We are working with all law enforcement partners across the state. Develop and apply the law to any person or group who violates the ideology of hate and bullying. In our community”, FBI Special Agent David Sandberg said in a statement.

The public is advised to contact the Windsor Police Department at 860-688-5273.

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