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Best Drones under $500

Are you looking for an affordable drone? We have a lot of wallet-friendly options for you to check out! These are the best drones under $500.

Even for drone pilots with experience, our list of the best drones under $500 offers several outstanding affordable drones. You may not have realized the amazing array of affordable drones available today. If that’s the case, you’ll probably be blown away by how much drone you can actually get for under five hundred bucks!

You will find many powerful drone models that offer many features plus a long flight time. An affordable drone will still have some limitations here, yet a drone for less than $500 will provide you with a high resolution 4K camera complete with a gimbal and a zoom lens. Every drone that made our list of the best drones under $500 has amazing capabilities and you don’t want to miss out!

We save you hours of time and effort by outlining the most important drone features so that buy the perfect drone for you.

As we often do, let’s start at number 1.

  1. DJI Mavic Mini

DJI drones are so great! They come equipped with the best flight features and the most advanced sensing technology. Their Mavic Mini is the lightest, most affordable model that offers the same easy-to-navigate experience of DJI’s more expensive lines.

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2. Holy Stone HS720E

Loaded with excellent features, like intelligent follow mode, and active stabilization, this drone has excellent battery life, auto return and it charges quickly, so you can keep your drone in the sky!

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3. Ruko F11

The app that comes with the F11 from Roku makes flying fun and easy. The excellent battery life of over 30 hours, and the 4K UHD wide-ranging camera with shock absorption, make this a drone worth considering for the pros!

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4. DJI Spark

A bit harder to find, the Spark from DJI is still a great value. Its easy to fly and checks most boxes fairly well, considering it costs less than five hundred bucks.

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5. Force1 F100GP

This GoPro compatible drone is a high-flying, sneaky-quiet option from Force1 that you can often find for under 200 bucks.

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