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Best Gaming Chairs in 2022

We have over a hundred-thousand hours of experience testing gaming chairs.

So, you can trust that we are passionate about finding the best gaming chairs.

But do you have to spend four digits to get a proper gaming chair, with orthopedic and ergonomic comfort and support?

The answer is absolutely not.

Q. What criteria do we use to compare gaming chairs?

A. The criteria we use to compare gaming chairs is as follows: Ergonomic support, adjustability, coolness, style and features/add-ons.

How a gaming chairs support or comfortability last long-term, and the chairs ability to remain cool over time, are significant factors as well.

In order to establish this data, we’ve tested hundreds of gaming chairs and collected data from multiple informed sources.

So when we put a gaming chair on this list, you can be sure its certainly among the best gaming chairs in 2022!

One of the most important thing we’ve come to learn after years of gaming is that you can get the job done for way less than a grand, so we’ve split this list up into two categories; under $200, and under $500.

However, every single chair on this list is a supportive, stylish, exceptional gaming chair, so you should be able to get years of gaming out of it!

Game On!

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Best Gaming Chairs under $200

1. RSP-110 by Respawn

Product Information

Weight46.5 lbs.
Weight Capacity275 lbs.
ManufacturerOFM Education
Fabric TypeBonded Leather
WarrantyRespawn 5-year ltd.
The RSP-110 by Respawn is the Best Gaming Chair under $200

  • Padded, supportive design for ergonomic comfort
  • 4D Adjustability
  • 360° of swivel rotation

  • No spring-loaded back
  • slightly wobbly arms

Why the RSP-110 is on the list:

For around $160, the RSP-110 has a decent build and still feels supportive after many hours of gaming. That’s no small feat for such an inexpensive gaming chair, so whether you’re on a budget or not, this is one of the best gaming chairs on the market.

2. S-RACER by Homall

Product Information

Weight41.5 lbs.
Weight Capacity300 lbs.
Fabric TypeLeather
The S-Racer from Homall is a worthy entry on this list, but larger gamers should probably steer clear.

  • Orthopedic, ergonomic design
  • Good Desk Chair
  • Cool appearance
  • 360° of swivel rotation

  • Not built for people over 6’3.”
  • Tires feel a little clumsy
  • Slightly uncomfortable arm rests

Why is the Homall S-Racer is on the list:

This isn’t just a great gaming chair for the price; with its low-set arm rest, its actually a pretty decent desk chair, too.
In fact, if you’re under 6’3″ or 6’4″, this gaming chair checks virtually all the boxes, including orthopedic and ergonomic comfort.


Product Information

Weight50 lbs.
Weight Capacity300 lbs.
Fabric TypeFaux Leather
Warranty5 yr ltd.
GTRACING’s entry-level GT099 is available for less than $130, and like the gaming chairs listed above; its a great deal.

  • 360° of swivel rotation
  • 90°-160° recline
  • Very sturdy steel frame

  • Faux leather wears out
  • Also not for huge bodies

Why the GT099 is on the list:

GTRACING’s GT099 is an insane value! You really have to scratch your head at how much you’re getting for such a low price. So if you get a couple years out of it, that’s money well-spent.
The material will wear out, over time. And like the S-RACER, this isn’t an ideal Gaming Chair for folks over 6’3″.

However, at $130, you can’t find a better value.

4. N-GEN

Product Information

Weight35 lbs.
Weight Capacity250 lbs.
ManufacturerNEO CHAIR INC.
Fabric TypeFaux Leather
Warranty1 year ltd

  • Very thick, comfortable padding
  • Adjustable head and lumbar
  • Flip-up arms
  • Great Price

  • Noisy, rattly. squeaky
  • Not for the big and tall
  • poor warranty

Why the N-GEN gaming chair is on the list:

For most gamers, we think this is a great balance of comfort, multi-usability, and cost control. The N-GEN’s faux leather padding isn’t the most comfortable on the list, but it is sturdy and holds up well, over time.
Some negative reviews on Amazon, seem to be from larger folks. But we find it rather comfortable.

5. ESS-3086 by OFM

Product Information

Weight32.6 lbs.
Weight Capacity275 lbs.
ManufacturerOFM Education
Fabric TypeLeather/Mesh
Warranty5 years ltd.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Comfortable, stays cool
  • Great gaming or desk chair
  • Competetive price

  • Noisy
  • Larger folks may have comfort issues after long gaming sessions

Why the ESS-3086 by OFM is on the list

This is such an awesome value! The comfort-level of even the less-expensive OFM chairs is astounding.

We feel the entries in this section all do a remarkable job demonstrating how much value you can find, without spending too much money for something you don’t necessarily need.

Best Gaming Chairs under $500

1. Epic (Sprout Edition) by noblechairs

Product Information

Weight Capacity265 lbs.
Fabric TypePU faux leather
Warranty2 year ltd.

  • Great Gaming Chair for taller players
  • Long-lasting, truly durable
  • Excellent aluminum base.

  • Not the best for gamers under 5’10”
  • Feels tough, at first; needs breaking-in.

Why the Epic by noblechairs is on the list:

This is the best gaming chair under $500. And if you’re a tall gamer, the Epic, Sprout Edition should be among your first cosiderations.
The Epic’s PU faux leather-padded finish feels a little stiff, upon assembly.

But over time, and after a little wearing in, what you’re left with is an awfully sturdy, well-built, and quite comfy gaming chair.

2. RSP-900 by RESPAWN

Product Information

Weight Capacity275lb.
ManufacturerOFM Education
Fabric TypeBonded Leather
Warranty5 year ltd.
Most reclining gaming chairs, in this price range, miss the mark in a lot of ways. We think RESPAWN has found a winning balance, in the RSP-900

  • Rivals more expensive gaming-recliners
  • Continous Surface, Independant Controls
  • Plush Head-Rest and cupholder.

  • Not the most comfortable chair in the price range
  • Foot-rest handle clumsy and loud

Why the RSP-900 is on the list:

It isnt a easy to find a reclining-gamer in this price range. Even a number of more expensive reclining-gaming chairs ultimately pale in comparison to a cheap basic recliner. We applaud RESPAWN for raising the bar, with the RSP-900

3. Iskur by Razer

Product Information

Weight68.8 lbs
Weight Capacity300lbs
Fabric TypeFaux Leather
Warranty3 Year ltd.

  • Fully adjustable lumbar support
  • Superior padding and durability
  • Overall, long-lasting, great chair

  • High-priced
  • noisy rolling wheels

Why the Razer Iskur is on the list:

This is clearly the highest quality Gaming Chair. Its not listed at number one, because we feel you don’t need to spend $500 to get a great Gaming Chair and the total values of the Chairs above are higher, when factoring in cost.

4. Dowinx Gaming Chair

Product Information

Weight55.2 lbs
Weight Capacity300 lbs.
Fabric TypePU Leather
Warranty1 year ltd.

  • Extremely comfortable for all sizes of people
  • Excellent build, highly functional
  • Cable-powered massage function
  • Overall great quality

  • Footrest has some sliding issues
  • recliner needs more adjustability

Why the Dowinx Gaming Chair is on the list:

This is such a comfy gaming chair, and it looks great. Not everyone wants furniture that stands out as boldly as the other entries on this list.

Dowinx has found a great balance between function and style, which I think many of us can agree with.

5. Specter by RESPAWN

Product Information:

Weight45.4 lbs.
Weight Capacity275 lbs.
ManufacturerOMF Education
Fabric TypeTextile, PU leather
Warranty5 year ltd.

  • Fully mesh, so your body stays cool
  • Completely adjustable
  • Tilt-tension structure
  • Easy, quick assembly

  • Armrests not padded
  • Seat’s lowest setting still feels high

Why the Specter by RESPAWN is on the list:

This chair is especially great for summer time gaming when some of us get sweaty.

The Specter is also really easy to assemble and doesn’t have that bold gaming chair aesthetic, instead opting for the more subdued office design, which many of us love.

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