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The Best Phones You Can Buy Now

Today, we've narrowed down the absolute best smart phones. These exceptional devices can do a little bit of everything!

Smart phones just keep getting smarter! It’s a good thing too, because we continously demand more, and more from them. At work, at home, on long trips, or just standing in line, most people expect the world from their portable devices.

But which are the best phones in 2021?

Do you even need the best phone in 2021?

Or can you get something amazing for half the price?

You don’t necessarily need the best phone in 2021, and some of the lower-cost phones might actually satisfy you, depending on what you really need from your phone.

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So, what about the top-shelf phones?

If four-digit price tags don’t turn you away, then check out the best-of-the-best smart phones available! This list contains the best processors, the most gorgeous displays, and they’re not all hyper-expensive!

So, Let’s go!

We’ll start at number one, as usual.

Best phone in 2021
  1. Samsung Galaxy 21 Ultra

Here it is! The best-of-the-best comes to you from Samsung! This premium Android phone is basically perfect, and it even comes capable of supporting a Stylus pen if you choose to purchase one for it. The Snapdragon 888 and versatile, advanced camera(capable of recording 8K) are the best, not only among Android phones; but among all phones.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra is our top pick. Its processing power doesn’t beat the A14 Bionic of Apple’s top-shelf iPhones, but we prefer the Galaxy’s display, weight, feel, look and sound. Additionally the Samsung, integrates more seamlessly into our work flow.

Specs: Display – 6.8″ OLED (3200×1400) CPU – Snapdragon 888 RAM – 12, 16 GB Storage – 128, 256, 512 GB

Why Buy: There probably isn’t a more user-friendly, versatile, premium smart phone, and there definitely isn’t a better Android phone.

Why Not Buy: If you already love the Apple iPhone, you probably didn’t even read any of the above; Apple’s A14 Bionic is the best processor available in a phone.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max

2. Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max

If all you’ll buy is Apple phones, this is your #1. The high speed power of the A14 Bionic processor can’t be matched. This is the best Apple Phone and plenty of people’s pick for best phones in 2021.

Isn’t the best Apple iPhone the best phone right now?

That is not the case, in our opinion. We find the Samsung Galaxy S1 Ultra to simply have a superior interface. We also just like using the camera on the Android device a little more.

However, ultimately whether the Samsung beats the Apple or vice versa, is entirely subjective. Both of these offerings are immaculate and, at the end of the day, entirely worthy of being called the best phone in 2021.

Specs: Display – 6.7″ OLED (2778×1284) CPU – A14 Bionic RAM -6GB Storage – 128, 256, 512 GB

Why Buy: Apple users are crazy about the iPhone 12 Pro Max! The A14 Bionic is absolutely smoking. This phone is definitely enticing enough to convert some Android fans this year. The battery life is superb; you can use it pretty hard for about 11 hours. The camera is truly amazing.

Why Not Buy: There really is nothing worth writing in this section, for either of these two top-notch phones. If you don’t love Apple phones, get the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. If you do; then the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max is the best phone of 2021!

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The iPhone 12 Mini is our best phone under $1000

3. Apple iPhone 13 Mini

This is an excellent lower-priced, full-power phone, especially for those with smaller hands.

With the same specs as the full sized iPhone 12, this compact, lighter alternative is perfect for the smaller-handed among us.

Perhaps the most astonishing of its features, though, is the price tag; it’s already our pick for best phone under $1000. Today, it isn’t hard to find under $800. There might not be a superior phone deal.

Specs: Display – 5.4″ OLED (1080×2340) CPU – A14 Bionic RAM – 4GB Storage – 64, 128, 256 GB

Why Buy: You get the A14 Bionic processing power of modern iPhones, at a more managable size, and cost.

Why Not Buy: Smaller display may be something you actively avoid.

4. OnePlus 9 Pro

The Best Android Phone under $1000!

The camera on this device is so good, photographers may have a new favorite phone. Great display, and the fast processing of the Snapdragon 888 will appeal to just about everyone else.

Specs: Display – 6.7″ OLED (3168×1440) CPU – Snapdragon 888 RAM – 8, 12 GB Storage – 128, 256 GB

Why Buy : If you haven’t held a phone from any of the OnePlus premier lines, give them a shot. They feel great in your hand and they’re fun to use. If your looking for a change of pace, but you don’t want to sacrifice any of the power, the OnePlus 9 Pro is the way to go.

Why Not Buy: The phone is comfy in your hand, but it can slip out, too. The camera, as mentioned before is great, but all the other phones in the top 5 have better ones.

5. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Same specs as the S21 Ultra, but smaller and cheaper.

Another top-tier smart phone that comes in under a thousand dollars, the Samsung S21 is a very popular phone. That’s probably because its performance in on par with some of the best phones in 2021, but the price is lower than most of them.

Specs: Display – 6.2″ OLED (2400×1080) CPU – Snapdragon 888 RAM – 8GB Storage – 128, 256 GB

Why Buy: This phone is superb for any price range, and we think it’s quite frankly, the best overall deal on the list!

Why Not Buy: The price is less than the others listed above it, and you can feel why when you hold it. It doesn’t feel cheap, by any means, but nor does it feel particularly luxurious to hold.

6. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

If a built-in Stylus is a must-have for your creative needs, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is probably your best phone of 2021.

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The giant OLED display is stunning, and this practically tablet-sized, versatile smartphone handles video games with no problem.The camera is excellent, as well.

Specs: Display – 6.9″ OLED (3088×1440) CPU – Snapdragon 865 RAM – 12GB Storage – 128, 256, 512 GB

Why Buy: This is by far the best pen with a built in Stylus. Gamers will enjoy using their XBox Game Pass on its huge, smooth, responsive screen. Movie and TV lovers will too!

Why Not Buy: This may very well be some people’s pick for best phone of 2021, but the cost is pretty crazy.

7. Apple iPhone 13 Pro

Do you want the phone with the best camera on the market? There’s not really a close second, the iPhone 12 Pro takes the best pictures, and catches the best videos.

Specs: Display – 6.1″ OLED (2532×1170) CPU – A14 Bionic RAM – 6GB Storage – 128, 256, 512 GB

Why Buy: If you’re planning to get an Apple iPhone, you’ve got plenty of options at different price points.

If you’ve never owned an iPhone, and its time for a new pocket device, The iPhone 12 Pro is as good as any for first-timers.

Why Not Buy: For some reason, they don’t give you a charger when you purchase the phone. That doesn’t sit well with us. Also, the other iPhones are more appealing, when price is factored in.

8. Apple iPhone 13

Another stunning, high-powered work horse from Apple. We ranked the Apple iPhone 13 Mini, which contains the same specs, ahead of its larger version mainly because of the Mini’s lower price.

Specs: Display – 6.1″ OLED (2532×1170) CPU – A14 Bionic RAM – 4GB Storage – 64, 128, 256 GB



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