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Best Wireless Gaming Headsets 

Time to cut the cord on your gaming headset? Check out our list of the Best Wireless Gaming Headsets available.

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Finding the best wireless gaming headsets isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of ordeal. While there are some great multi-platform headsets, there are some pretty special exclusive sets, too!

Some of the sets on the list are great to enjoy music with, while others have some higher quality microphones for trash-talking. The best news is: none of these headsets costs an arm and a leg, but we think you’re going to feel luxurious trying on any of them.

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Best Wireless Gaming Headsets

1. CORSAIR Virtuoso RGB

Frequency Response:20Hz-40,000Hz
Drivers: SLIPSTREAM CORSAIR WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY, 3.5mm wired, or 24bit/96KHz USB wired.
Battery Life:Up to 30 hours

Why is Corsair Virtuoso RGB the best wireless gaming headset on the list?

The CORSAIR Virtuoso RGB Wireless delivers a high-fidelity audio experience for the most hard-to-impress gamers. Experience all-night comfort from its premium memory foam earpads and headband.

Connect to any device via ultra-low latency SLIPSTREAM CORSAIR WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY, 3.5mm wired, or 24bit/96KHz USB wired. Enjoy a broadcast-grade, omni-directional, detachable microphone with superb dynamic range.

They look amazing, as well.

2. JBL Quantum 350

Compatibility:PC, PS4, PS5,Mac,VR (Wireless) – Universal (3.5mm audio jack)
Frequency Response:20Hz – 20,000Hz
Drivers:40mm Dynamic Drivers
Battery LifeUp to 22 hours

Why is JBL Quantum 350 on the list?

The JBL Quantum 350’s detachable, directional voice-focus boom mic is one of the best features on this list. It really is a game-changer. And the pair’s EQ and Mic setting abilities are extremely impressive for a headset that costs less than a hundred bucks.

This isn’t the most comfortable headset on the list. Nor does it have the best battery. And there is no wireless option for XBox or Nintendo Switch players; they’ll have to plug in.

But for the price, you can’t find a superior headset. Whether you’re on a budget, or not, this is one of the best wireless gaming headsets you can buy.

3. EPOS GSP 670 

Compatibility:PC, PS4, PS5
Frequency Resonse:10Hz-23,000 Hz
Drivers:Neodymium magnet
Battery Life:Up to 20 hours

Why is EPOS GSP 670 on the list?

They are simply a cut above others, in one specific category: sound quality. The GSP 670 is the best wireless gaming headset, to enjoy music with. That may, or may not be important to you, as a gamer.

You may prefer a sleeker, more stylish design than the bulkier GSP product-line. Also, this is an expensive pair.

But they certainly are comfortable. Even after multiple hours of gaming, and listening to music, and a Podcast, I found these to be the most comfy pair on the list.

4. Razer Barracuda X

Frequency Response:20Hz-10kHz
Drivers:3.5mm, USB-C Dongle
Battery Life:20 hours

Why is Razer Barracuda X on the list?

The best of the wireless gaming headsets, in its price range, The Barricuda X is made for marathon-gaming. The pair’s lightweight-build, and mesh earpads make this an extremely comfortable gaming experience.

Obviously, there is no reason to expect too exceptional sound quality from an eighty dollar pair of gaming headphones, but that isn’t to say the Barricuda X doesn’t sound superb.

The mid-range frequencies the Barricuda X delivers are clear, and sharp. In other words, what you need most from a gaming headset, you get plenty from this awesome, well-priced gem.

5. LucidSound LS15X/LS15P

Compatibility:Exclusive models for XBox and PS (Both PC connectivity)
Frequency Response:20-20,000Hz
Battery Life:15 hours

Why is LucidSound LS15 on the list.

A very stylish, comfortable option, the LS15 from LucidSound is worth considering for anyone on a budget. The headset checks all the boxes, from sound quality to connectivity.

The LS15’s are also among the highest consumer-rated headsets in their price range.

However, those with particularly large heads, like me, may want to consider the Razer Barricuda X, (listed above) if they are on a budget, instead.

6. RIG 800 PRO HX

Compatability:XBox, PC
Frequency Response:20Hz-20,000Hz
Battery Life:Up to 24 hours

Why is RIG 800 PRO HX on the list?

This is our favorite pair of XBox-exlusive headphones. If they had universal compatibility, the RIG 800 PRO HX would be at, or near the top of this list.

Also among the highest consumer-rated gaming sets. the 800 PRO HX was an absolute joy in every way to test.

We think any XBox gamer should start right here, if they have the means.

This is one of the best wireless gaming headsets on the list, and if sound quality alone was your primary criteria, you can’t really do that much better than the RIG 800 PRO HX.

7. Razer Kaira Pro

Compatibility:Exclusive models for XBox and PS
Frequency Response:20Hz-20,000Hz
Battery Life:up to 20 hours

Why is Razer Kaira Pro on the list?

Headphones in this price range need to check a lot boxes, and when they do, we notice them. Like the sets listed above, there is just a higher level of quality to the Razer Kaira Pro, than most available headsets.

One specific area where the Razer Kaira Pro shines, is its brilliant microphone, which is best on the list!

8. Sony PULSE 3D

Frequency Response:10Hz-6,000Hz
Battery Life:12 hours

Why is Sony Pulse 3D on the list?

Sony nailed it with the Pulse 3D! At about a hundred dollars, this is among the best wireless gaming headsets in its price-range.

Like the other budget-friendly headsets on this list, the Sony Pulse 3D checks all the boxes, sufficiently, if not spectacularly. This headset, doesn’t have a good battery life. At 12 hours, its actually pretty awful.

The mic is average to sub-average. If you have a deep, resonant voice, this might actually be a great headset for you, but there are decent EQ control settings on the Pulse 3D.

The earpads are cushy, and very comfotable on the ears, but after a few hours of use, I personally didn’t love how warm my ears felt. These may make gamers a little sweaty, which can be problematic for long sessions.

That aside, this is a remarkable value, that recieves great reviews, and lasts a long time.

9. Astro Gaming A50

Compatibility:Exclusive models for XBox and PS (Both PC connectivity)
Frequency Response:20Hz-20,000Hz
Drivers:40mm Neodymium Magnet
Battery Life:Up to 16 hours

Why is Astro Gaming A50 on the list?

For $300, the A50, by Astro Gaming had better be amazing. As it turns out, that’s exactly what they are. In fact, after reviewing the A50 for a week, I decided to keep them.

In such a high price range, they needed to be exquisite-sounding, comfortable over extremely long sessions, and without any glaring drawbacks.

And I definitely see the price as a drawback, and one of few reasons the A50 isn’t higher on this list. But still, this is one of the best wireless gaming headsets I’ve ever tested, and there was simply no way I could have excluded it.

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