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DJI Mini 3 Leaks: Release Date & Price

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DJI Mini 3 is expected to be released very soon. The competition in the under 250g drone category is becoming more fierce, but how soon can we expect the new drone model to arrive? Also, what specifications can we expect the new DJI Mini 3 to have in?

Tech Square has all of the latest updates related to the release date, price, and technical specifications.

The DJI Mini 2 is a powerful, budget-friendly drone that offers stabilized 4k footage in a compact package. Many drone experts and advisors either own a DJI Mini 2 or have owned a drone from the DJI Mini product line.

By following the same naming conventions of the Mavic Air 2S, the new drone from the DJI Mini product line will likely be known as the DJI Mini 2s. However, this is neither been confirmed nor denied by DJI.

DJI Mini 3/2S Release Date

Expect the release date for the DJI Mini 3 to be in February or March 2022 – should DJI look to keep up with the competition by updating their entry-level drone.

Recently, DJI released the phenomenal movie drone called the DJI Mavic 3 in late 2021. The Mavic 3 is a brilliant piece of aerial machinery but it comes at a price.

Tech Square obtained a leaked image that appears to be the top view of DJI’s mini drone. We fully expect the new drone to be an upgrade from the DJI Mini 2. Also, DJI usually releases leaks shortly before the drone releases.

So keep checking back with us for updates.

DJI Mini 3/2S Price

The price of the drone will depend largely on the new specifications and features it comes with.

It’s hard to add much more technology to an existing drone. That being said, expect Mini 3s or 2s to cost between $50 and $100 more than the DJI Mini 2.

While the DJI Mini 2 costs $449 now, its successor will cost $499 for the drone only.

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