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E3 2022 a digital event, again

Event organizers have not yet confirmed it, but there is very good reason to believe this year’s E3 will be a digital event, once again.

Some other big gaming events have planned to resume at least some degree of in-person activity, and there were talks from the ESA of holding this year’s E3 in-person. That plan was seemingly scrapped earlier in the year.

E3 a digital event again?

While still unconfirmed, this would likely be a well-recieved development for those who suspected the event would be cancelled outright. Some previous rumors had led many to believe exactly that.

The Rumor

Tom Henderson claimed on Twitter that Apple had sent out emails to developers, confirming the event would be digital, for the second year in a row.

“I’d be expecting an announcement soon if the ESRB is sending out emails,” Henderson elaborated.

Whether this is likely to be the last year that E3 will be experienced remotely is unkown. But the ESA must have been rather pleased by last year’s success.

Sony didn’t participate in E3 2021, instead choosing to hold its own independant showcase, at around the same time.

This year, there is no telling what Sony will do. I would expect them to also continue showcasing independantly, but we’ll keep you posted as more information is released.


Microsoft, Nintendo, Square Enix, and others are likely to continue as headliners.

After Gamescom announced they it would hold a hybrid event, with in-person attendance allowed, but remote participation still optional, many have speculated other events, like E3 would have followed suit.

But clearly they would prefer keeping it entirely digital. Last years event clearly gave the ESA, and the event’s participants, good enough results to continue doing so.

There are few showcases as popular as E3. And while there is sure to be less incentive to hold remote events going forward, there is no telling what the effects of two years of digital-only fan engagement will be. Or how it may change future events.

Either way, it appears that this year’s E3 will be a digital event, again.



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