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Halo Infinite – We review the newest Halo sequel.

Fans weren't thrilled with Halo 5: Guardians. Can 343 Industries redeem Master Chief? Or is Halo Infinity another misfire?

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Master Chief Returns in a new first-person shooter. Halo Infinite is a welcome return-to-form, for a beloved franchise that needed a kick start.

To say that Halo 5: Guardians, by 343 Industries, was released in 2015 to a mixed reception would be a polite understatement.

So to put it mildly, 343 was in the hot seat. Halo Infinite needed to check all the boxes.

“Boring” and “convoluded” are two of the most common adjectives fans, and critics, have used to describe Halo 5: Guardians. The gameplay and story arcs within the 2015 installment simply fell short.

So, to make fans happy, 343 took six years developing a well-balanced, open-world/ first-person shooter, which takes place on Zeta Halo.

With Halo Infinite, 343 Industries needed to get the series back on track and that’s exactly what they did!

Halo Infinite for XBox Series X/S and PC

Where is Master Chief at the begining of Halo Infinite?

Halo 5’s end saw a revived Cortana build an army of dangerous AIs, called the Creation, to lead to all-out war against the universe.

Halo Infinite picks up 18-months later on Zeta Halo, the 7th Installation of the Halo Array

What is the Halo Array?

The seven, enormous ring-shaped super-weapons created by an ancient race, the Forerunners, to defeat existential threats.

At the beginning of Halo Infinite, we see Master Chief lose a battle with Atriox, leader of the Banished, and is presumed dead.

Wounded and on life support, he is found by a surviving pilot from the crashed, UNSC Infinty.

He then makes it planetside, where he has to rally whatever survivors there are of the crashed ship. Finally, he must stop the Banished from getting Installation 07 online.

Who are the Banished?

Introduced in Halo Wars 2, the Banished are a resourceful, revenge-driven faction of the Covenant. As Master Chief, you’ll have to develop your skills, build your strength, and aquire upgrades, to stop the Banished.

Their Goal: Getting Zeta Halo Online

Who is the Weapon?

The Weapon is an AI designed to stop Cortana. She assists you, throughout Halo Infinity. Her relationship with Master Chief is fascinating, and reveals itself in a helpful manner. This proves especially useful for newcomers to the series.

The Weapon is moderately naive, and young, so she’ll need some answers. As will anyone who didn’t play, or complete Halo 5. So even if you haven’t finished the Guardians campaign, you’ll be caught up by her questions.

Halo Infinite sees improvements to the title’s classic first-person shooter roots. We feel its the most well- polished game in the series. Infinite’s story is rich. The way the narrative and action flow, keeps the player engulfed. The stakes feel high.

The new Grappleshot feature of Halo Infinite, adds a new capability, and a different dynamic to the popular shooter style. Combined with a well-timed melee attack, its highly effective.

So, get in the Academy and get trained! Stop the Banished, or dominate multiplayer!

Feel free to roam

Enhancements in player-freedom make this open-world free to explore, so you’ll feel compelled to do so, for hours.

Halo Infinite’s campaign consists of plenty of side-missions, but its the main arc where the story-mode shines the most brightly.

Curiosity is rewarded, and exploration will yield upgrades to weapons, vehicles and armor, among other benefits. Which means getting lost is not a waste of time, at all.

Infinite is the best game in fact, to roam around. There is practically something hidden in every structure. Its all useful.

343 clearly took the time to make sure gamers were satisfied with every corner of the world the’ve built. So, leave no stone unturned. Retrieve valuable upgrades.

Multiplayer Mode

Infinite’s gameplay improvements are also a major upgrade to Halo’s multiplayer legacy. This might be the best multiplayer mode in Halo’s rich history.

Simply get your feet wet in the Academy mode, and join your friends in the arena, for either a 4v4 or 12v12 kill-tacular, blast-party in various modes.

If Halo 5: Guardians left you largely dissappointed, it would appear your complaints have been heard and addressed.

343 Industries needed to make major corrections in their second attempt at a Halo sequel, and they took their time and delivered a new classic!

All of Halo Infinite’s improvements are worthy additions to one of the most-played, first-person shooter series of all-time.

The Verdict

Halo Infinite is a great game. Every mode is polished, and full of fun things to explore, and dangerous enemies to battle. The story is interesting enough to watch independantly.

If this isn’t the best Halo game of all time, its not far from it. Halo Infinite is at least far better than Halo 5.

Advancements to gameplay dynamics are apparent, right away. Even multiplayer modes feel fresh, and improved upon.

Cinematic portions are very well-developed so the campaign moves along at an enjoyable pace.

Basic combat is highly satisfying, and increasingly more challenging, so you won’t get bored in any game mode.

Final Thoughts:

343 Industries really nailed it, in our opinion. Halo Infinite isn’t just a drastic improvement upon Halo 5. Its a worthy installment to a major player in first-person shooters.

A few years ago, we would have sounded crazy for saying that we hoped 343 got another crack at Halo. But that is precisely where things stand, right now. 4.8/5

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