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How Many Watts Does A Laptop Use When Charging?

By choosing a laptop over a desktop, you may be interested in taking your portable computer with you when you are on-the-go.
You may be wondering, how many watts does a laptop use?

This question depends on several variables, including the battery life of the laptop.

Calculating the amount of power your laptop uses to operate should become a top consideration for responsible laptop owners. Having a long-lasting battery is essential to taking your laptop with you on long trips or to places where you can’t charge it. (ie. outdoors)

Before you can determine how long your battery will last, you need to know how many watts your laptop uses.

Laptop Wattage

The most popular laptop wattage is 65W.

Your laptop’s watts consumption is the measure of how many power your laptop uses to operate. Typically, if your laptop uses a relatively high amount of power to operate, the quicker your battery will drain. On the other hand, laptops that use a relatively low amount of power will consume less power so their battery lasts longer.

Most laptops consumer between 20 and 100 watts per hour. At times, laptops can use as much as 180 watts per hour.

As a general rule, laptop configurations reflect the reason for using the laptop. Different needs require different hardware and software configurations that may increase or decrease your laptop’s power consumption. Gamers and programmers may use higher quality graphics, that lower your laptop’ battery life.

Laptop Power Factors


Your laptop’s adapter is the power supply that connects to the main system. The bigger your laptop is, the more powerful its adapter needs to be.

Keep this in mind if you want to upgrade your laptop . Make sure that everything you add is compatible with your laptop’s power adapter


(CPU) The central processing unit of your laptop is one of the key components and acts as the brain of the computer. It’s the part that runs the programs and turns your actions into reality – whether you’re searching, designing a house, or playing a quick video game.

However, not all CPUs are created equal. High-quality CPUs are more efficient and use less power.

Graphics Card (GPU)

The graphics card controls the quality of your laptop’s display. If you only need your laptop to surf the web and run spreadsheets, it’s fine to go with a lower quality graphics card.

However, if you want to play games or run computer aided design (CAD) programs, you should invest in a better graphics card. A better card will improve graphics and help the computer run smoother, but will require more power.

Screen Size

Your laptop’s screen is the biggest drain on your battery. The larger your screen, the more battery it will consume.

A 16-inch laptop screen generally uses about 60 watts per hour. However, if you opt for a larger model, your output can increase up to 100 watts per hour.

Calculate the power consumption of a laptop
A laptop cannot function without the aforementioned hardware. However, each brand and model has its own specifications.

The easiest way to get a rough estimate of a laptop’s wattage is to check the adapter. The adapter will tell you the maximum amount of power your laptop can draw. With a little effort, you can determine the power consumption more accurately.

Check the components – You can find the specifications of your laptop components on their respective websites. However, adding them up won’t give you the exact performance or power consumption of your laptop. However, if you enter the numbers into an online power consumption calculator, it will tell you exactly how much power your laptop uses.

Power Consumption Monitor- The easiest way to find out your laptop’s power is to use a power consumption monitor. Plug your laptop into one of these devices to calculate how many watts your laptop is using in real time and find out how much power it is consuming.

Tips To Increase The Battery Life On Your Laptop

Knowing how much power your laptop is using is useful information, but it’s just as important to know how you can reduce power consumption.

With a few small changes, you can increase your battery life and laptop power consumption.

The power of your laptop doesn’t just depend on the size of the screen. The brighter your screen is, the more power it will consume. Check your laptop’s settings to see how you can reduce brightness.


The amount of watts that a laptop uses depends on the laptops specifications and how it is being used. Laptop activities such as running common tasks and playing games have a great affect on the amount of watts that a laptop consumes. Just to reiterate. The average power consumption of a laptop is 50 watts, but it may go as high as 300 watts depending on use and specifications of the laptop.

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