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Mario Golf: Super Rush – Nintendo’s Latest Gem Is Available Now

While plenty of gamers found Mario Golf’s multiplayer components, vibrant aesthetics, and innovative “quick golf” mode to be entertaining, many found the overall Mario Golf experience to be a bit lacking. Many of the features that gamers were expecting such as online tournaments and difficulty settings are missing when the game begins, and there are only six courses left to master (seven if you are counting a small battle course).

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Nintendo has ensured gamers that free updates will be available soon to address these concerns, but fans remain disappointed with the current state of Mario Golf: Super Rush. Many are particularly disappointed with the way the game lags behind previous titles in several respects. For example, Mario Golf: World Tour on the Nintendo 3DS had 10 courses at launch, four more than the Super Rush on the significantly more powerful Switch console.

Gamers took to Reddit and Twitter in droves to voice their displeasure, comparing it unfavorably to Mario Tennis Aces.

Number of characters

One of the areas where Super Rush is exceptional is the character roster, which currently has a choice of 17 golfers. By comparison, Mario Golf: The World Tour also had 17 golfers when it launched and later added more with DLC packs.

The big difference between the two games is that the World Tour required gradually unlocking golfers by facing challenges and earning Star Coins. Meanwhile, Super Rush gives you access to everything from scratch, which means there are no secret characters hidden on the selection screen.

Mario Golf: Super Rush brings an extensive roster of classic Nintendo characters like Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, and Bowser. In addition to these popular favorites, there are several newcomers to Mario Golf, including Pauline, King Bob-omb, and Chargin ‘Chuck.

Each character has two different abilities, which are his “special shot” and “special shot”. The former is a strong swing with a unique trick (most of which involve interrupting the competition’s shot), while the latter is a new addition to “speed golf” mode to help you chase the ball.

For example, Boo’s special shot allows him to chase other players’ balls and double his trajectory, which they miss. Meanwhile, Toad’s ability allows him to slide across the green at an incredible pace and knock out competing golfers.

Mario Golf: Super Rush Character List

Nintendo has confirmed that the character roster will be expanded in future updates.

Mario Golf: Super Rush – Nintendo Switch$59.88
Mario Golf: Super Rush Standard [Pre-load] – Switch [Digital Code]$59.99

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