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Raspberry Pi Shortage Impacts Christmas Shoppers

Likely To Last Until January 2023

With only days left before Christmas, the popular Raspberry Pi 4 computer is currently only available on an extremely limited basis, notably in the 4 GB memory version – and at often ridiculous prices.

Many consumers shopping for the popular single-board computer to place beneath the Christmas tree are often looking at empty virtual shelves. The Raspberry Foundation felt compelled to increase the price for earlier versions that still rely on a SoC in 40 nm architecture as early as October this year due to a present resource shortage. Simultaneously, for the year 2021, the Raspberry Pi Foundation decided to produce 7,000,000 units.

THE RASPBERRY PI 4 [4GB] Shortage WILL Likely Last UNTIL JANUARY 23, 2022

Ryan Kieft, Tech Square

However, the current generation of Raspberry Pi computers are still difficult to find from recognizable retailers. According to many international sources, the Raspberry Pi 4 with 4 GB of RAM will not back to normal availability until January 25, 2023. Other versions have long delivery delays, and online retailers have limited stock of Raspberry Pi bundles available.

The electronic retailers, Adafruit & PiShop indicate a long waiting period of over 52 weeks on their websites. Amazon still has a few quantities, but these are only available through 3rd party sellers and at prices well over $100.

It is impossible to forecast when the Raspberry Pi 4 computer, which is also popular in educational institutions, shortage will cease. However, there is some indication that the issues are mostly due to the LPDDR4 memory supply chains. In the current COVID-19 economy, smaller computer companies, such as the Raspberry Foundation, are facing far more economic difficulties than companies such as Apple, Dell, and Samsung.

Ryan Kieft
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