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Samsung 4K QLED TV coming to the US

It has been officially confirmed that the Samsung 4K QLED TV will finally be made available to US based consumers, in 2022.

Pre-Orders have been revealed to begin May 23.

The Samsung QN95B uses a slim, One Connect box with four HDMI ports that can handle 4K/120Hz inputs and VRR, and an extremely powerful processor that enables 14-bit gradation for significantly improved control of the premium Television’s light source. 

Samsung’s announcement claims the QN95B should be available for pre-order in the US on May 23, though the 4K Tv is certain to arrive in Europe well before then.

How is Samsung’s QLED TV likely to stack up against its OLED TV?

Obviously we can’t answer that entirely, without testing the QLED model. However, it is beyond safe to say that there is one specific environment in which their QLED TV should thrive above most other TV’s, even other 4k models: In rooms with a lot of ambient light.

With higher peak brightness and anti-reflection coating, a QLED TV should be far more sufficiently equipped at projecting through glare and ought to perform significanly better in any spaces with uncontrolled lighting.

Again, not having actaually tested the Samsung 4K QLED TV, there is no telling if that assumption holds up.

At the same time, because of its better black levels, we think the OLED will be better suited for light-controlled. We also think Samsung’s QD-OLED (also to be released later this year) will have better off-axis color saturation that will make it better for wider living rooms with multiple odd viewing angles, like off to the side of the TV.

Also, becuse of its use of blue organic light emitting diodes The QD OLED TV will likely have better overall color saturation, than the QLED TV.

Samsung says QN95B models will be available for pre-order on May 23rd but did not provide screen sizes or pricing.


We look forward to testing this exciting TV out for the first time. Be sure to check back with TechSquare!


Price: TBD

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