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Tesla Set To Kickoff The Production Of The Model S Plaid Electric Sedan

On Thursday, Elon Musk (CEO of Tesla) took the stage in Fremont, California, to launch the production of the Tesla Model S Plaid. which is set for the first time. When the Model S debuted in 2012, it quickly became an industry game-changer by merging luxury with an electric car. However, since 2016 Tesla seems to have prioritized the less expensive automobiles that sell more units. Namely, the Tesla Model 3 & Tesla Model Y have received the majority of attention & upgrades. By doing so, other luxury electric car companies (Mercedes-Benz & Lucid) have recently started to challenge the once-dominant electric car king.

The Tesla Model S is clearly Tesla’s counter move, and on June 11, 2021 the first 25 buyers of the Tesla Model S will be introduced to the luxury electric vehicles. According to Tesla, they expect to ramp-up production to a “few hundred cars” in the coming weeks, and a “thousand cars per week next quarter”.

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  • Power:
    • Range: 405 miles per charge
    • Max Supercharge: 250 kW
    • Peak Power: 1,020 horsepower
  • Speed:
    • Acceleration:
      • 0-60: 1.99 seconds
      • 1/4 Mile: 9.23 seconds at 155 mph
    • Top Speed:
      • 200 miles per hour
  • Entertainment:
    • 17″ Cinematic Display (2200×1300 Resolution)
    • Gaming System
  • Connectivity:
    • Multiple Bluetooth, Wireless, USB-C Charging Capabilities For Every Seat
  • Audio:
    • 22-Speaker
    • 960 Watts
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Drag Coefficient: 0.208 Cd
    • Powertrain: 3 Motors
    • Wheels: 19″ or 21″
    • Cargo: 28 cubic feet
    • Weight: 4,766 pounds
  • MSRP: $129,990
Courtesy of Tesla

The interior also received significant upgrades. Consumers can now choose between wood and carbon-fiber trim. Additionally, the steering wheel has been replaced by a “multifunction yoke”. And the old portrait-style touchscreen is now a 17-inch (2200×1300) touchscreen. The infotainment system supports wireless controllers and provides processing power. Musk says it will provide a gaming experience with functionality similar to the PlayStation 5. Furthermore, the 22-speaker – 960 watt audio system (as well as the other bells & whisteles) help to ensure an amazing luxurious experience.

The Tesla Model S starts at $129,990.

Please stay tuned for more Tesla updates.

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Courtesy of Tesla



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