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The 5 Best Tablets In 2021

Time for a new tablet? Whether its for work or school, or just a dvice to keep the kids busy, we have a lot to show you.

It doesn’t matter what kind of budget you have to work with; there’s a powerful, state-of-the-art tablet just waiting for you. Take a look at the best options we’ve seen this year.

  1. Apple iPad Pro 2021 (12.9″)

This thing is absolutely jacked! The price? Also jacked.

CPU: M1 (16-core) Display: 12.9″(2732 x 2048 pixels) mini-LED RAM: 8GB-16GB Storage: 128 GB-2TB Weight: 1.51 lbs. Ports: USB-C with Thunderbolt, USB 4 OS: macOS

We believe this is the finest tablet we’ve ever used. Apple’s M1 chip seems to be as powerful as advertised, and the iPad Pro’s gorgeous display, awesome cameras, and clear, rich sound will have you feeling totally fine with staying in and catching a flick on the light-weight portable screen, which you might have to do more often, because this thing is pricey!

Why Buy: You can’t really get a better tablet, at least not this year.

Why Not Buy: You might need a payment plan for this one.

2. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus

This year’s best Samsung tablet is also our top rated Android tablet.

CPU: Snapdragon 865 Plus Display: 12.4″(1753 x 2800 pixels) OLED RAM: 6GB Storage: 128 GB-256 GB Weight: 575g Ports: USB C OS: Android OS

This Tablet is phenomenal! Light-weight, powerful and sporting a premium design, arguably the best device Samsung has ever created, rivals (and visually surpasses) it’s Apple counterpart, the iPad Pro. If four-digit price tags are a non starter for you when it comes to tablets, you won’t come close to beating this deal.

Why Buy: The Galaxy Tab S7 plus has arguably the best display available, and Samsung’s competitive price is going to make this device a lot of people’s top choice.

Why Not Buy: Not everyone is willing to pay for top shelf devices like the ones at the top of this list, and Android apps are lacking.

3. Apple iPad 10.2 (2020)

This is the best deal, in our opinion. The price is right and we love how much Apple gives you in this light-weight, portable little powerhouse!

CPU: A12 Bionic Display: 10.2″(1620 x 2160 pixels) LED RAM: 3GB Storage: 32GB/128GB Weight: 490g Ports: Lightning to USB-C OS: iPad OS 14

Why Buy: This isn’t just the best tablet under $500. Its price may very well make this the best tablet to purchase, period.

Why Not Buy: The 2020 iPad 10.2 may be a decent upgrade over previous generations, but the lack of storage may still be a problem for you.

4. Lenovo Tab P11 Pro

An impressive display, and pretty great-sounding speakers, make this Lenovo tablet worthy of consideration, even among the more powerful machines listed above.

CPU: Snapdragon 730G Display: 11.5″ (1600 x 2560 pixels) OLED RAM: 6GB Storage: 128GB Weight: 485g Ports: USB-C, Micro SD OS: Android 10

Why Buy: It looks and sounds spectacular.

Why Not Buy: Android OS isn’t very good, limited ports, limited power

5. Apple iPad Air

We round out our list with another affordable, light-weight masterpiece.

CPU: A14 Bionic Display: 10.9″ (1640 x 2360 pixels) LED RAM: ??? Storage: 64GB/256GB Weight: 458g Ports: USB-C OS: iPad OS 14

Why Buy: The most affordable line of iPads, this doesn’t feel like a budget tablet; not at all.

Why Not Buy: All four tablets listed above eek out the iPad Air in one way, or another



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