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The Best Video Cameras for YouTube and Podcast creators.

Do you need a camera for your podcast? Are you starting a youTube channel? We have some great ideas for you to consider, before you start shelling out more money than you have to to make your videos.You don't need to wreck your home studio budget on a professional movie camera!

So, you’re considering starting a YouTube channel, or a podcast! Don’t waste your early budget on the most expensive camera you can find. There are so many options that you can already afford! It doesn’t even matter what kind of content you are creating, GetTechSquare has you covered. Find the best video cameras for your specific needs.

After choosing the genre or type of podcast you’re starting, there are still a couple of questions you need to answer, to pick the right camera for you.

  1. How many people, if any, will be working with you?

This is important because, let’s say you plan on recording a one-hour podcast episode, each week; if you intended to set up a tripod and just film by yourself, you will run into problems if you own a mirrorless camera, as it will stop recording after 30 minutes, and you’ll have to push a button to resume filming. If you planned to hire a camera operator, that’s not a big deal.

Maybe only being able to shoot a half-hour at a time isn’t a problem for you. We just want to make sure you consider this issue beforehand.

2. Do you plan to shoot in a set location, or do you need mobility?

Depending on your content, you may need a camera that you can carry around crowded streets, on a selfie-stick, or go hang-gliding with, or even snap underwater shots on. While the Sony ZV-1 will be a top choice for most video creators, you’re not going to want to take it in the water, and would need to consider some more rugged options.

Ultimately, there are no truly correct or incorrect choices, but making the most beneficial decision for your own individual needs and budget will help you maximize the value of your funds.

We won’t number these, because they are all unique, and so are your requirements. Instead, we will show you the best cameras to consider, and offer some insight as to why it may be the right choice for you!

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Sony ZV-1

This should be one of the first cameras you consider. It’s loaded with smart features, easy to use, and it fits right in your pocket!

If you have been using the camera on your smart phone, to record your videos, and you want a better camera, but one you can easily carry around, the ZV-1 from Sony, is going to be among the first you’ll check out. Priced roughly between $700-$800, vloggers who’ve never owned a camera will enjoy the major upgrade, while more experienced content creators might still find value in the ZV-1’s hyper-mobility.

The battery life isn’t anything special, and the entry-level camera isn’t without its quirks and shortcomings, like the unspectacular lens, that it uses micro USB, and I honestly don’t even want to discuss the touchscreen menu, because it’s just bad.

However, at the end of the day, the Sony ZV-1 will seem like a mobile studio compared to your phone, if that’s what your podcast or vlog was started on, and at that price it’s hard to gripe too much about this overall-great camera’s fair amount of shortcomings.

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Sony Alpha A6600

This excellent entry level, budget-friendly camera isn’t just great for podcasts; it’s a pretty awesome point and shoot camera as well.

Ranked the fastest auto-framing camera, the Alpha A6600 can take up to 11 frames per second, and can detect 179 points of contact while shooting at a wide angle. For less than a grand that’s, quite frankly, spectacular. Priced slightly higher than the Sony ZV-1, this camera’s versatility has us loving it, just a little more than most others.

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Nikon Z6

The first thing you’ll probably notice about the Z6, when you pick it up, is its sturdy build.

This camera is very comfortable to hold, film and shoot with, but its also impressively rugged.

Usually priced around $1600, this camera is approaching non-budget-friendly territory, but it’s such a strong camera we simply can’t leave it off this list.

Our favorite feature of the Nikon Z6 is that it offers seperate settings for video and still-shot. Its image quality is among the very best on the list, no matter what kind of shot you’re taking.

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GoPro Hero 9

There is no better all-terrain camera in this price range. You don’t need steady hands, or a tripod with this rugged, 5K-capable industry standard!

Capturing gorgeous underwater shots is a breeze with the GoPro Hero 9, and it costs about $450.

Being slightly larger than its predecessors, we find the Hero 9’s interface quite a bit more user-friendly than GoPro’s of the past. And with an already industry standard-setting reputation for action shots, GoPro has once again risen the bar.

This option shouldn’t be overlooked by off-road vloggers on the go.

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Canon EOS R

The lightest full-frame bodied camera Canon has to offer is one of the best video cameras you can buy.

It’s image control is extremely customizable, and though it doesn’t produce quite the highest quality images of all the cameras on the list, it is an extremely versatile camera.

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Logitech Brio

If all you really need is a solid webcam, we think you’ll like Logitech’s premium option, the 4K Brio.

By webcam standards, a price tag just below $200 is a bit pricey. However this is absolutely the cream-of-the-crop in the field, and entirely worthy of being the first webcam you consider.

There is none of its kind with better image quality or resolution.

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Panasonic Lumix GH5S

This rugged camera from Panasonic comes with a higher price tag, but the Lumix GH5S can do just about everything.

Freeze-proof, splash resistant, and extremely enjoyable to use, you’ll be impressed by what this remarkably competent camera can do.

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Sony HDR-CX405/B

Rounding out our list, is a perfect camera for those thinking about starting a podcast!

The HDR-CX405/B from Sony is an easy camera to start right away, even before you’ve gotten your other gear!

You can shoot, edit and upload from this awesome, affordable camera, and the price is great for your first setup. (Around $250)

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