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Free Windows 11 update postponed until 2022

Sorry to be the bearer-of-bad-news, but if you want Windows 11 before the end of 2021, you'll have to purchase it.

Windows 11 will be available, as planned, before the end of 2021. However, If you were expecting your free upgrade in that time, we regret to report that, sadly, that will not be the case.

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IGN reported, and Microsoft’s Twitter account confirmed, that the highly anticipated Windows 11 will not be made available to its users via free upgrade until the first quarter of next year, at the earliest.

This news understandably comes as a bit of a disappointment to Windows users, who learned recently Microsoft was rolling out its first test builds of the updated OS, and all its promised new features, to Insider testers at the end of June.

Past issues with free updates is seemingly why Microsoft has delayed the immediate upgrade, most likely waiting a few months to test for bugs and compatibility issues.

Tech Square will keep you posted, as the situation unfolds.

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